(Charlotttetown, March 19. 2013) Breaking the Silence, a Maritime group working in solidarity with Guatemala is organizing a Maritime tour for Gregorio Ajcot Soso (Goyo). Mr. Soso has been a permaculture practitioner for 16 years and works for the Mesoamericana Institute of Permaculture (IMAP) in Solola, Guatemala.

Permaculture is a design system based on ethics and design principles that can be used to guide efforts for a sustainable future.The core principles of permaculture are: take care of the earth, take care of the people and share the surplus.

Since 2010, Mr. Soso has been managing all on site permaculture systems at IMAP, including many gardens, a food forest, grey water recycling, composting, and humanure systems, as well as running the on-site native seed bank. Part of his work at IMAP is offering educational tours and workshops about permaculture and how it relates to and complements the Mayan world view.

The local Breaking the Silence committee is organizing a public meeting with Mr. Soso on Thursday. March 21, 7:00 pm at the Farm Centre in Charlottetown. All are invited to attend. He will share his experiences in sustainable agriculture and the current situation in Guatemala. Mr. Soso is well versed on the situation in Guatemala and has been deeply involved in the struggle for food sovereignty.

He will also tour some organic farms and other sites in PEI. As well, Mr. Soso is co-facilitating a day-long workshop with Stephanie Hughes on: Permaculture 101: Foundation for Change in Tatamagouche, NS on Friday, March 15, 10:00 – 5:00pm. All are invited.


Maureen Larkin : 620-4878, 213-5552(cell)