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April 12, 2013



(April 10, 2013, San Rafael Las Flores, Santa Rosa, Guatemala. Source: Comité en Defensa de la Vida y la Paz, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Comit%C3%A9-en-Defensa-de-la-Vida-y-la-Paz/123958411115713)

April 10, 2013
Yesterday, the Guatemala police detained 29 people from the mining-harmed communities who were peacefully protesting Tahoe/Goldcorp’s gold and silver mining operation. This follows upon recent shootings and breakins, kidnappings and a murder.

April 4, 2013
On April 5, we reported on how, despite the unresolved kidnapping and murder (see below), the Guatemalan government gave the go-ahead mining license to Tahoe/Goldcorp, who quickly celebrated the good news to shareholders and investors. The government gave this license despite every singly community consultation in the region saying ‘no’ to this type of large-scale development project, despite not having the “social license” and despite the worsening levels of repression and threat at the local level. (http://rightsaction.org/action-content/tahoe-celebrates-mining-license-soon-after-kidnapping-four-men-and-murder-one-them)

Almost at the same time that Tahoe/Goldcorp was celebrating their license, armed men fired bullets into the offices of CALAS (Center for Legal, Environmental and Social Action) while its director, Yuri Melini, was inside; and unknown criminals broke into the home of Rafael Maldonado, a lawyer with CALAS, tossing the place, robbing nothing, and leaving a file about the Tahoe mining interest in plain view.

CALAS SUFFERS ATTACK HOURS AFTER MINING PERMIT WAS APPROVED [FOR TAHOE RESOURCES/GOLDCORP INC] (http://www.plazapublica.com.gt/content/atentan-contra-calas-horas-despues-de-aprobacion-de-licencia-minera)

Yesterday afternoon (April 3), shortly after the license was given [to Tahoe Resources/Goldcorp Inc.] for the exploitation of gold and silver in the San Rafael mine in San Rafael Las Flores, Santa Rosa, three shots were fired against the Center for Legal, Environmental and Social Action (CALAS) while its director Yuri Melini was inside the office.

Shortly after this attack, at 10.30 PM, a lawyer from this same environmental organization, Rafael Maldonado, discovered the forcible entry of his home. In a press conference today Maldonado indicated that the doors were forced opened, and that all of his file-drawers and closets had been visibly rummaged through. He added that they left the file of the San Rafael Mine case on the very top of the mess.

“It was a direct message from the mining company, because we have participated in the entire legal process against the mine and are accompanying the consultations that are taking place in the communities” stated Maldonado.

Melini accused the mining company and the government for these incidents. The director of CALAS stated that the Office of the Prosecution should investigate these occurrences and the criminal organization that operates in San Rafael.

“We have given photographs to the Vice Minister of the Interior in which the mine’s private security forces, from inside the mine, are carrying out illegal actions against the civilian population, jointly with members of the National Civilian Police. We also request the investigation of this criminal group. This type of action is precisely of the competence of the CICIG (International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala)”, explained Melini.

Claudia Samayoa, in representation of the Convergence for Human Rights, connected these incidents to the kidnapping from three weeks ago, in which four XINCA leaders were kidnapped and one of them was murdered, as well as the existence of an armed organization that operates in San Rafael Las Flores.

“The Government is allowing an armed group to exist in the area. The incidents that occurred last night and yesterday seem to comprise a strategy to put an end to the work of defenders; and are a telltale sign that this is not an act of common crime. These are acts of political persecution”, she stated.

This information was made public today in a press conference, in which Rafael Maldonado indicated that they will present an Appeal for Legal protection (an Amparo) before the Constitutional Court against the exploitation license for gold and silver in the Oasis mine of the San Rafael Mining Company, a subsidiary of the Canadian company, Tahoe Resources.

Yesterday the Minister of Energy and Mining, Erick Archila, also announced the approval of another exploitation license of Niquegua Montúfar, in Los Amates, Izabal. This license is granted to the Guatemalan Nickel Company (CGN) that is currently authorized by a different exploitation license to extract nickel in El Estor, Izabal.

Representatives of the Communities of San Rafael indicated that the mining company has already been denounced because of environmental contamination. In response to these accusations, the San Rafael Mining company communications coordinator, Andrés Dávlia, indicated that they will make no statements at this time: “We will not make any comments until the authorities investigate what happened.”

March 27, 2013
On March 27, 2013, we reported on the kidnapping of four indigenous Xinca men, and the murder of one of them – Exaltacion Marcos Ucelo, men who had been peacefully observing a democratic and public community consultation that voted ‘no’ to Tahoe/Goldcorp’s gold and silver mining interests in the municipality of San Rafael Las Flores, department of Santa Rosa, Guatemala. (http://rightsaction.org/action-content/goldcorp-tahoe-resources-linked-assassination-exaltacion-marcos-ucelo)


Even as Tahoe / Goldcorp push ahead, even as repression increases, community after community are holding public, transparent consultations and every single one is saying ‘no’ to the imposition of this type of “development” project.

This can only result in more repression and violence.

In 2005, Goldcorp Inc. began operating the “Marlin” gold mine in the indigenous Mam region of western Guatemala. This now infamous mine has been characterized by a wide range of health harms (to human and animal life), environmental destruction and contaminations, and other human rights violations, including killings and shootings.

The CEO of Goldcorp at the time was Kevin MacArthur, who stepped down in 2008, at which time he founded a new company – Tahoe Resources, an American/Canadian company – and Goldcorp retained a 40% ownership of Tahoe.

Since 2008, MacArthur, with Goldcorp’s backing, has been pushing ahead with yet another harmful and controversial mining operation that is widely opposed by the local population, and also fully supported by the Guatemala government that is headed by former army general Otto Perez Molina, an alleged intellectual and material author of the genocide and State repression in the 1980s and 90s.

The violence and repression occurring in and around Tahoe/Goldcorp’s “Escobal” mine is normal, predictable. There has been similar repression at: Goldcorp’s “Marlin” gold mine; Hudbay Mineral’s “Fenix” nickel mine; and at Radius Gold/KCA’s gold and silver mine. No justice has been done in Guatemala for any of the health harms, environmental destruction and contaminations, and other human rights violations, including killings and shootings, occurring regularly at the various mining operations.

(Some names & addresses, below)

This relentless push for mining expansion is coming from Canada and the U.S., not from Guatemala. All the fundamental decisions are being taken by North American companies, investors and governments. The vaste majority of profits flow to the companies, shareholders and investors, while all the environmental and health harms, repression and other human rights violations occur against the local populations in Guatemala.

This relentless and harmful push to expand will only be slowed down, or curtailed when Canadians and Americans successfully hold their governments, companies and investors to account.

Write your own letters, and send copies of this information, to your own elected politicians (MPs, Congresspersons, Senators) – and to other government officials, your local media, etc. – to remind them that this state of repression, threat and impunity are substantially our problems, and that it simply will not end until Canadian and American politicians and officials take concrete diplomatic, political and legal steps to put an end to the repression linked to the unwanted and often-times violent expansion of Canadian and American mining company operations in Guatemala.

… And then keep on writing your elected politicians, again and again. They work for us. They have to respond to us.

[Grahame Russell is a non-practicing Canadian lawyer, author, adjunct professor at the University of Northern British Columbia and, since 1995, co-director of Rights Action (info@rightsaction.org, www.rightsaction.org, www.facebook.com/rightsaction.org)


Just released, a full length film, “Gold Fever”, that focus on extensive health harms (to human and animal life), environmental destruction and contamination, and repression caused directly and indirectly by Goldcorp’s “Marlin” mine in the indigenous Mam regions of western Guatemala: www.goldfeverthemovie.com.

Gold Fever premieres at Yale University (New Haven, CT) on April 13th, and in Guatemala City on April 18th: http://rightsaction.org/action-content/gold-fever-april-13th-world-premiere


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