Theme: Sister Maudila Lopez: A Mayan woman urges the United Church Pension Plan and other Pension Funds to divest from Goldcorp

Bio Sister Maudilia Lopez has worked for 17 years in the Catholic Parish of San Miguel Ixtahuacan. She is a member of the Parish Sisters and Brothers of Mother Earth Committee, which has courageously resisted the imposition of Goldcorp’s Marlin Mine mine on their community. Maudilia is deeply committed to accompanying women in reclaiming their dignity and accompanying her Mayan sisters and brothers in affirming and deepening their Mayan values and spirituality.

Sat., Oct. 26th 1pm – 2:15 Presentation at United Church National Conference, Behold!, Pier 21

Sun., Oct. 27th , 10:30am Guest speaker, St. John’s United Church

Mon., Oct. 28th 10:30am St. Andrew’s United Church, Halifax 3pm

Tues., Oct. 29th 11:30am Sackville NB Maritime Conference office; 7pm BTS PEI public presentation St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 101 Prince St., Charlottetown

Wed., Oct. 30th 10am Trinity United Church, Charlottetown 5:30pm; 7pm Public presentation, Tatamagouche Centre. Angelica and Maudilia

Thurs., Oct. 31st 10am Pictou United Church

Friday, October 1: 10am Talk regarding pension funds at Sharon United Church

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