Things are looking up!

Yesterday, amidst Judge Patricia Flores’ decision to annul the proceedings for the genocide trial, many were left saddened and in shock. The lawyers for the plaintiffs, including the Public Prosecutor’s office, the Centre for Legal Action in Human Rights (CALDH) and the Association for Justice and Reconciliation (AJR), called a meeting to clarify the situation and raise the spirits of those who have worked so hard to see this case come this far. Following the meeting, people gathered in the Plaza for Human Rights in front of the Supreme Court of Justice to restate, “Yes, there was genocide!” “Because you can’t forget the colour of blood!” “Justice!”

This morning, hundreds of people gathered inside and outside the courtroom to hear Judge Jazmin Barrios’ decision regarding yesterday’s controversial decision.

The Judge received notice of Patricia Flores’ decision but declared that she does not accept her colleague’s ruling on the basis that it is illegal and constitutes breach of power and violates the autonomy of her tribunal which is guaranteed by the division of powers within the judicial system. Judge Barrios then declared that she would not annul the case rather that it would be suspended until the Constitutional Court clarifies their decision about legal resources that were submitted in February and March.

Upon hearing Judge Barrios’ decision, the courtroom erupted in applause and started chanting “Justice!” The judge then thanked the audience for their confidence in the judicial system.

The defendants were notified that lawyers from the public defence will be appointed to represent them in light of the fact that they have been abandoned by their lawyers, who since storming out yesterday, have not been present in the genocide trial. The defendants remained in silence throughout the proceedings.

Outside the courtroom, plaintiffs and their supporters gathered and began to march to the Constitutional Court to show their support for the continuation of the genocide trial.

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Jackie and Laura