Articles and Urgent Actions for February 2014

Atlantic Region Solidarity Network

Atlantic Region Solidarity Network

Canada: Cecilia Jamasmie – Money laundering, terrorism financing diamond trade in India, Israel, Belgium, Canada and the US – report

Tz Daily News – Barrick Gold spends half of its revenue on taxes

CBC News: 7 environmental charities face Canada Revenue Agency audits

 Globe and Mail: Foreign aid minister aims to correct ‘myth’ Ottawa is propping up mining companies

ISID Publications Mark MattnerThe Development Impact of Extractive Industries:  Policy Options for CIDA

ISID Publications José Carlos Marques.  Canada’s CSR Policy: Insights from Recent CSR Research and a Comparative Industry Study

First Peoples Worldwide: Report Exposes Risk To Shareholders When Indigenous Rights Are Ignored

Smithsonian magazine: The Environmental  Disaster That is the Gold Industry

Costa Rica:

Canadian organizations condemn gold company’s lawsuit against Costa Rica


Communities Denounce Forced Labour near   Goldcorp’s Marlin Mine: BTS Blog

 Hudbay Minerals: Confronting a Canadian Corporate Criminal

First Nations communities in Guatemala and Manitoba seeking justice court against the Canadian mining giant


January 2014 Honduras Coup Summary: An assassination, capture, and threats against indigenous defenders

Dawn Paley: War on the Poor in Honduras: Social Control, Gangs and the US’s Role in Remilitarizing Central America


NACLA: Police Repression Legalized as Mining Protests Grow in Peru: Luis Manuel Claps