Truth, Reconciliation and Mining: A Challenge by Mayan Women

Tuesday, June 2 at 6:30pm.

First United Church Ottawa​ (347 Richmond Rd.)​; Easily accessible by bus.​

​​S​​​ponsored by First United Church Ottawa, KAIROS, MiningWatch Canada, 2013 Mining the Connections Guatemala Study Tour. ​ You are invited to this even​t ​with Ana Guadalupe Matzir Miculax ​​and Crisanta Perez.


Ana is a dynamic young Mayan woman and Truth and Reconciliation​Commission​ closing event​ guest. ​
She works with ​a ​KAIROS and Breaking the Silence partner, CEIBA​ (Association for Community Development and Promotion.) Since the age of 13, she has been involved in issues related to Indigenous rights including the rights of women, youth, land rights. In May 2014, she spoke on the impacts of mining companies on indigenous women at the U.N. Permanent Forum on Mining.

Crisanta Perez has been the courageous voice and face of resistance to Canadian gold mining company, Goldcorp Inc,. for the last decade. A courageous mother, grandmother and community leader, she is featured in The Business of Gold, Gold For Life and Gold Fever, She is a petitioner before the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights, along with others who point out that they were not consulted, let alone gave consent, to a massive open-pit gold mine in their backyard. She has been criminalized and targeted, yet remains unwavering in her commitment to protect the land and resources that she and her Maya Mam community depend on for life.