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In 2014, Breaking the Silence joined the Corporate Network on Corporate Accountability – CNCA. “The Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability (CNCA) brings together environmental and human rights NGOs, faith groups, labour unions, and research and solidarity groups across Canada who are advocating for federal legislation to establish mandatory corporate accountability standards for Canadian extractive companies operating abroad, especially in developing countries.”

CNCA’s Open for Justice Campaign has been encouraging Canadian Members of Parliament to sign a pledge indicating their commitment to making Canada “Open for justice” for those harmed by the international operations of Canadian mining, oil and gas operations.

During the pre-election period, the MP pledge can be used at all-candidates meetings (where you can request that ALL candidates pledge their support to making Canada Open for justice). Following the election, the MP pledge is a good resource to bring to your first meetings with new and returning members of Parliament.

Please consider including the MP pledge in any election kits you are sharing with your networks, and encourage your members to make use of this tool during outreach to candidates and members of parliament, and please keep us informed of any responses you receive.

List of MPs who have signed the pledge:


A copy of the MP pledge is attached, and available at: http://cnca-rcrce.ca/mp-pledge/