Dear BTS monthly donors,

Warm greetings, friends. Here you will find an announcement from the Tatamagouche Centre Board, sharing Tatamagouche Centre’s troubling financial situation. We want to assure you that monthly donations to BTS from July onwards will be deposited into a separate Tatamagouche Centre Breaking the Silence account at the Scotiabank branch in Tatamagouche.
We will keep you informed if there are any changes in the coming months. We want to express our deepest appreciation for the support of Tatamagouche Centre to Breaking the Silence. We very much hope that a way forward will be found to enable Tatamagouche Centre to continue.
Please be in touch with Janelle or Kathryn if you have any questions.


​Sheena Cameron Chair of the BTS Coordinating Committee

Janelle Frail  Chair of the BTS Fundraising Committee
Kathryn Anderson Chair of the Finance Committee