Remembering Topacio

Topacio Reynoso Pacheco was a vibrant, smart, creative, hardworking, artistic, poetic, musical 16 year old when her life was taken during an April 13, 2014 armed attack that also left her father, Alex, in serious condition. A daughter, sister, friend and activist, Topacio was part of a community and family that has adamantly resisted Tahoe Resources mining projects in the area. She had organized other youth in her community to talk about the impacts of mining on their lives and futures before she was murdered by unknown assailants. There has been no thorough investigation into Topacio’s murder or the numerous attacks on Alex‘s life.
In 2016, BTS initiated the Topacio Reynoso Youth Award to recognize a youth group in Guatemala that is working for social and environmental justice that keeps true to the vision and life of Topacio. In 2016, thanks to the financial support of a number of donors the award will be presented to Jodvid at the BTS AGM.
Join us to remember and honor Topacio’s life and the courageous and inspiring work of Franklin and the other members of Jodvid at this year’s Annual Gathering. Register here.