Breaking the Silence has been accompanying both the victims of the attack by Mynor Padilla, including the family of Adolfo Ich Chaman who was murdered in the attack, and German Chub Cub who was injured. For the last year, BTS has also accompanied parts of the trial in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala.

Translated from original by BTS. For Spanish, see here.

The trial continues against Mynor Ronaldo Padilla, former head of security for the Guatemalan Nickel Company/Hudbay Minerals, for the murder of Adolfo Ich Chaman and the serious injury to German Chub Choc and numerous other campesinos in El Estor, Izabal

Next hearing: August 9 in the Sentencing Court in Puerto Barrios

The reconstruction of the scene of the crime, which began on July 6, was completed on July 28; it has been one year and three months since the trial began.

WE INSIST that the search for justice in Guatemala is not only lagging and incomplete, but highly onerous because of the high economic cost for the victims and injured parties who demand justice. The justice system is unreachable for the great majority, especially for the Mayan people who have been affected by these crimes and other human rights violations committed by transnational mining companies, with the sole purpose of dispossessing people from their land.

This long waiting period has resulted in frustration, dispersion, confusion, and distraction with respect to the crimes being tried, of which many people in the community of El Estor were victims; yet despite this, strong statements made by the witnesses and the steadfastness in which they have related the events from September 27, 2009, have generated certainty about what occurred and who is responsible.

There exists sufficient evidence to obtain a guilty verdict, so that the crimes committed by the Guatemalan Nickel Company [CGN] in El Estor on September 27, 2009 against Professor Adolfo Ich Chaman, German Chub Choc and other campesinos from the community of Las Nubes do not remain in impunity.

The conclusion of the debate and the issuing of the sentence by the judge of the Sentencing Court of Puerto Barrios draws near.

We call on the Human Rights Ombudsman, CODIRSA, the United Nations’ High Commission in Guatemala, and international solidarity organizations who defend human rights and promote justice, to pronounce before the judicial system, the Supreme Court of Justice, and other judicial bodies that the trial be considered a high-impact case and no longer be held behind closed doors.

To social and campesino organizations, to civil society, and communities of El Estor, Izabal, we ask for your continued solidarity and accompaniment of the struggle for justice being carried out by the Ich Choc family, German Chub Choc, and the campesinos from the community of Las Nubes.

For the right to live, the right to our land, we demand justice.

Communities in resistance and struggle for the land, El Estor, Izabal

August 8, 2016