BTS #Ombudsperson - Franklin - Website During his recent visit to Canada, Franklin Valenzuela from the Mataquescuintla, Jalapa youth organization JODVID (Youth Organized in Defense of Life) spoke out about the negative impacts of Tahoe Resources in San Rafael las Flores. The Canadian-US company has ignored community consultations rejecting these projects and has repressed resistance through criminalization and militarization. Community members opposed to mining in the area have also faced violent attacks.

BTS #Ombudsperson - Celeste - WebsiteIn 2014, Celeste spoke throughout the Maritimes about her work as a community organizer in the movement to stop Tahoe’s mine in her community. She talks about the mine’s impact in her community and the need for greater government oversight of Canadian mining companies.

Julian2 - Ombuds - WebsiteJulio Osorio from CODIDENA speaks out about human rights abuses committed by Canadian mining company Tahoe, as well as state violence. CODIDENA has played a key role in resistance to Tahoe’s mine in Santa Rosa, Guatemala.

Take action to ensure that the Liberal government holds mining companies like Tahoe accountable! The Liberal government is expected to create an extractive sector Ombudsperson by late March. In order to ensure that this isn’t another watered down office that will enable Canadian companies to continue to operate with impunity internationally, we ask you to take the following actions to demand real change.

1. Write to your MP and the Minister of International Trade

Tell them Canada needs an independenteffective ombudsperson office to oversee Canadian mining, oil and gas projects abroad.

Here’s a link to send a message right away to International Trade Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne.

Your member of Parliament also needs to hear from you. A few tips for communicating with your MP:

2. Tell the world

Share the message you’ve sent and a link to this website with everyone you know who values justice, transparency and accountability.

3. Keep the momentum going

Follow and share our #Open4Justice campaign messages on Facebook and Twitter (@BTS_MG).