by Maureen Larkin

Today was our day off during the BTS delegation. We had a leisurely breakfast and set off shopping. Antigua is a drug for the addicted shopper. It’s a tourist town: there are many beautiful sights to be seen and the streets are thronging with people and sellers. According to Ron’s trusty Lonely Planet Guide, it is “nestled between three volcanoes…, and its streetscapes—with sprays of bougainvillea bursting from crumbling ruins, and pastel facades under terracotta roofs—offer photo opportunities at every turn. […]” In 1944 President Jorge Ubico declared Antigua a national monument, and in 1979 UNESCO designated it a World Heritage site.” It is Guatemala’s colonial capitol city.


In our travels in small groups or alone, we saw two weddings, a girl being photographed for her quinciniera, and lots of merchants selling their wares. We had supper at El Faro taco restaurant where you can get every imaginable type of taco. Just as we were leaving, we heard the pitter-pat on the metal roof which could only mean one thing: rain! And rain it did. We decided to make a run for it back to the hotel. It was dark; water ran between the cobblestones and poured onto our heads from roofs. We arrived completely drenched, but in good cheer. Another BTS experience under our belts!