Over the past month, three members of the CCDA have been killed- José Can Xol, Mateo Chamán Paau and Rámon Choc Sacrab were all active members in their communities and involved in the struggle for the defense of land and territory against landowners. Repeated requests by the CCDA  for the Guatemalan government to resolve land disputes have gone unanswered for years. To date, no one has been arrested on any of these assassinations.

BTS has been a long-time partner of the CCDA, and see a need to support the organization with a permanent presence, especially in this difficult time. International accompaniers act as observers, document any intimidations, threats or acts of violence against those being accompanied, and quickly disseminate that information through their networks at an international level. Human rights accompaniment can help dissuade violent action and help create a space whereby Guatemalan human rights defenders can work safer.

We are looking for someone who has previous experience as a human rights accompanier, strong Spanish language skills and an understanding of both the work of BTS and the CCDA.

We ask that this person be ready to leave within the coming weeks and stay in Guatemala at least a month but preferably, three months or more. Breaking the Silence and sister organizations will support fundraising efforts for flight, travel insurance, and a stipend.

While in Guatemala, the individual will receive an the ground orientation and be placed with CCDA members in rural areas, with possible frequent travel to Guatemala City.

Please send an email to Lisa Rankin at btscoordinator@gmail.com expressing interest at this opportunity.