Estuardo Quevedo was murdered on Thursday, July 12 in the community of Salitre, Santa Rosa de Lima. He was an active member in the resistance against the Tahoe Resources Escobal Mine and was the point person for one of Casillas’ groups taking turns at the Constitutional Court, where there has been a permanente encampment since November 2017 to pressure the court to make a decision on the lack of recognition of the Xinka people.

BTS staff attended the burial the following day, and part of his wake, which was held at the resistance encampment in Casillas. BTS staff also visited Estuardo’s family on Saturday and presented them with a letter expressing solidarity, with signatures of 17 international organizations. His widow and two daughters are very scared for their security. Currently, BTS and sister organizations are working to pressure the Guatemalan Public Prosecutor to investigate the attack.