Participants in the BTS 2018 delegation wrote a letter in solidarity for members of the Xinka and community resistance at Casillas and the Constitutional Court, who are peacefully protesting against Tahoe Resources’ Escobal Mine. The delegation met some members of the resistance in front of the Constitutional Court on May 16th. Their letter comes after the assassination of Estuardo Quevado on July 12th, who has been active in this struggle. Read the full letter (in English and in Spanish). Here’s an excerpt:

“It was during one of the first rains of the season when we gathered with four of you under your shelter and were privileged to hear your stories of struggle and resistance. What you told us that day made a big impression on us: we heard about the struggle to be recognized as an Indigenous people, the effects of the Escobal mine, owned by Tahoe Resources, headquartered in our home country of Canada, and the effective stoppage at the mine as a result of your determined action at the peaceful check-point. We were impressed by your dedication to remaining unruffled at attempts by miners and opposition to provoke a violent reaction. Even though we have returned to Canada, these things will stay in our hearts and minds and prompt us to act in solidarity with you.

CC-May 16

We are shocked and devastated to hear of the murder on July 12th of your compañero Estuardo Quevado. Our hearts go out to his family and his friends. We know that you will continue your brave struggle and we want you to know that we are with you, we support you, and we will continue to raise awareness in Canada about the actions of Tahoe Resources, and to lobby the Canadian and Guatemalan governments to ensure that justice prevails.”

BTS Guatemala Coordinator Lisa Rankin shared the letter with members of the community resistance to Tahoe on July 25th (see pictures below). The beds in the lower right picture were raised with our contribution from the delegation!