IndiraBeautiful portraits contributed by artists globally to honour the girls killed in the 2017 Hogar Seguro fire in Guatemala 

Join us to commemorate and demand justice for the 41 girls killed and the 15 who were severely injured in a fire at the state-run centre for children and youth Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asunción on March 8, 2017. Almost two years later, this state crime remains in impunity.

While the Hogar Seguro was supposed to be a safe place for Guatemala’s children, this was far from the case. On that day, the girls and young women were enclosed by police in a small room under lock and key after attempting to escape the home. Despite their cries for help, the police would not let them out after a fire broke out inside the room. As a result, forty-one girls and young women died and the lives of fifteen others were severely impacted.

Responsibility for this tragedy lies with the Guatemalan government. This includes the failure of state institutions to act on prior reports of abuse and poor conditions at the Hogar Seguro, as well as the decision by high-level officials and President Jimmy Morales to bring in police to deal with a very sensitive situation, which they were not equipped to deal with. For more info on the case, visit us here.

The art project was launched on May 15, 2017 by the alternative media organizations Prensa Comunitaria in Guatemala and Desinformémonos in Mexico, together with 60 digital media agencies, as well as 40 organizations and collectives globally that united in one voice. In addition, 58 artists in Mexico, Argentina, France, Italy, Spain and Guatemala contributed to the project.

This art exhibit is hosted in Canada by the Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network in lead up to the second anniversary of the tragedy. You’ll find more info about the project here.


February 1-10, 2019
People’s Place Library
Antigonish, NS
(See Facebook event here)

March 1-8, 2019
Glitter Bean Cafe (5896 Spring Garden Rd)
Halifax, NS
(See Facebook event here)

March 15-29, 2019
Fredericton, NB
(See Facebook event for opening here)

We are excited to announce that in early March we’ll be joined by Mayra Jimenez Flores from Ocho Tijax, a collective that has been accompanying families impacted by the Hogar Seguro tragedy, as well as demanding justice for these killings. Mayra will speak about the important work of the group and provide updates from survivors, as well as the legal cases currently in Guatemalan courts.

BTS’ speaking tour with Mayra and the art exhibit will take place in lead up to the second anniversary of the tragedy and International Women’s Day 2019.