The upcoming elections have been marred in controversy and there is still a lack of clarity on the top three presidential candidates in Guatemala: Thelma Aldana, the former attorney general, Sandra Torres, last election’s runner-up and ex-wife of former Guatemalan president Alvaro Colom, and Zury Rios, extreme right wing candidate and daughter of de-facto president Efrain Rios Montt, who was convicted of genocide in 2013. For more information on the top three candidates and the challenges against their candidacy, read Sandra Cuffe’s article in Aljazeera.

Leocadio Juracan’s candidacy as a member of Congress was also in jeopardy, as the new law against transferring parties was incorrectly being applied to him as well. The law bans elected officials from reelection when they have crossed party lines during a term. However, Juracan’s former party, Convergencia chose to disavow both he and Sandra Moran. Last week, Juracan was able to enroll as a candidate for a member of Congress on the national (as opposed to departmental) list. Sandra Moran, BTS speaker at the 2018 AGM has chosen not to run for reelection.

A number of other members of the CCDA are running for elected positions, including Marcelo Sabuc, BTS’s fall speaking tour guest, who will be running as a member of Congress for the department of Solola. Martin Perez, who has provide bus services for many BTS delegations, will be running as a member of Congress for the department of Suchitepequez.

This elections have already proven to be violent, with a number of candidates already murdered. BTS will be following the elections closely and share information as it comes!