Join us for an online action to show solidarity with the Maya Achi women bringing forward a case for sexual violence committed during the internal armed conflict in Guatemala. Through this action, we also hope to raise awareness about the case and let the Guatemalan Attorney General (Ministerio Publico) know that we are following the case. Join us in sending messaging of solidarity to these brave women in lead up April 22-23, when the court is set to decide whether to send the hearing to trial.

1) Take a selfie with one of these messages, or your own

  • Si hubo genocidio y violencia sexual en Rabinal
  • Justice for Achi women

2) Upload on Twitter or email them to Stacey (BTSMaritimesCoordinator [at] to upload on social media.

Here’s a sample tweet:

Achi women are bravely bringing forward a case against 6 men, former military commissioners in Rabinal, for sexual violence committed during #Guatemala’s internal armed conflict #JusticiaPorLas36 #NoEstanSolas @CaFreeland @MPGuatemala @CanEmbGuatemala @BTS_MG

3) Lisa will print off the images and share them with the women!

More information: The women are from all over Rabinal, the youngest 11 years old at the time, and all have different stories of how sexual violence was used as a tactic of genocide in 1982, 1983 and 1985. The former military commissioners, who were in charge of the Civil Self Patrols, and overseen by the head commissioner and the commander of the military base in Rabinal, are accused of crimes against humanity, which includes sexual violence, torture, and illegal detention. You can read: “Thirty-six Achi women survivors struggle for justice: Sexual violence case begins in Rabinal” by Lisa Rankin for more info about the case.

As a reminder, Gloria Reyes of the Rabinal Legal Clinic will join us for a speaking tour throughout the Maritimes from May 26-30. Gloria is part of the legal team working on this important case. Stay tuned for more updates!