On September 30, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales announced a State of Siege in two more municipalities, now in Santa Catarina Ixahuacán and Nahualá related to a historic dispute regarding the border between the two municipalities. The Indigenous Municipality of Sololá rejects the State of Siege because it is not a good solution for communities looking to dialogue.

This comes as the ongoing State of Siege in 22 municipalities in the Eastern side of Guatemala ought to be drawing to an end. However, in the same press conference, Jimmy Morales indicate that they are considering an extension. The State of Siege stems from the death of three soldiers in the community of Semuy II in El Estor, Izabal in unclear circumstances. However the State of Siege in eastern Guatemala covers 14% of the country. The Guatemalan government says the State of Siege looks to crack down on drug traffickers in the region. However, human rights groups continue to draw attention to the correlation to the territory under the State of Siege and communities in resistance to mega-projects such as hydroelectric dams, monoculture and the Fenix Nickel mine.

The President also announced they will be looking into human rights groups which could be linked to drug traffickers.

Earlier the month. Guatemala celebrated Independence Day. There were harsh critiques from around the country, questioning how Guatemala could be free when the State of Siege suspends civil rights?