Dear BTS Network members & friends, 

The last couple of months have incurred drastic shifts in the lives of people across the globe in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.  In Guatemala, the impacts of this new context have progressed rather quickly and after more than two months under various forms of restrictions including curfews, quarantines and total lockdowns, the situation has become increasingly difficult for the majority of the population.  Our partners have all continued to do their work despite these challenges and the increasing difficulties they face with each new day.

As a network, we were quick to respond to the unforeseen challenges as well as the ones that we could see coming as a result of this new global context.  Through the support of individuals as well as organizations, our campaign raised over $15,000 which will go directly to support the needs of BTS partners in Guatemala.  The awareness of the connections between our struggles across regions and the commitment to solidarity during these pressing times, speaks loudly for the power and strength of our communities to face and overcome what lies ahead.  

We, as well as our partners in Guatemala thank you for all your support.  Your contributions are going to support local community organizing efforts, providing food for community leaders and members engaged in the struggle for access to land, the protection of territory, food sovereignty and transitional justice.  In the weeks and months to come we will continue to keep you all posted on the situation in Guatemala, the work of our partners, and ways for you to continue to be engaged with us in this work.

We hope that you are all well and that everyday brings you a little bit closer to a world that you can be proud of shaping and making beautiful. 



Coordinador Interino de Guatemala / Interim Guatemala Coordinator

Red Marítimas-Guatemala Rompiendo el Silencio / Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network