Bluenose Marathon 2021: Thank you!

(Marla LeBlanc, Yvette Michaud, Kathryn Anderson, Janette Fecteau, Anne MacDonald Martin, Yves LeBlanc, Troy Deware, Melanie Deware, and Paul Martin in Halifax)

(Eliza MacLauchlan, Myrna Wicks, Jim Wicks, Rosalind Waters, Leo Cheverie, Ryan MacRae, Claire Byrne. Photo credits: Lou Richard)

This fall, Members of the Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Solidarity Network participated in the Bluenose Marathon 10-km fundraiser. This is the 4th year the network has walked and run as a team in the event. Since 2017, the fundraiser has only grown more successful and memorable for all participants. The weekend of November 6-7th, 2021, members from across the Maritimes joined together to complete a 10-kilometre route to fundraise in solidarity with our Guatemalan partners struggling for political, social and economic justice. Volunteers united in Halifax at the Bluenose event and the Prince Edward Island committee organized an independent trek across the Northumberland Strait in PEI.

Through the generosity of our supporters and the dedication of participants, we were able to far exceed our initial fundraising goal of $8,000, raising a total of $16,235.14! This success made it possible to win $2,500 award from the Bluenose Event organizers in their Charity Challenge, bumping our total to 18,735.14!

We are very thankful for the support of all those who made donations and spread the word about our fundraising. This fundraiser makes possible the solidarity work BTS has been committed to for the past three decades in Guatemala with our partners. Without the generosity of many contributors, our ability to provide accompaniment, respond to urgent actions, and leverage advocacy in Canada would be greatly diminished in these difficult times. Thank you for your solidarity, support, and dedication!

(Susanne Litke and Marla LeBlanc at the 10km sign in Halifax.)

Many team members participated in training to prepare for the big day- which certainly paid off this year! Kathryn Anderson and Yvette Michaud came first and second in their age group for the 10-kilometre race, earning special accolades.

(Kathryn Anderson and Yvette Michaud celebrating their performance in the Bluenose Marathon)

The Breaking the Silence (BTS) team had participants in both Halifax and PEI. Rosalind Waters, a committee member from PEI, said that the path the eight members chose was fun: “November 11th, 2021 was chilly, but really quite beautiful. We ended the walk at the By the River Bakery and Cafe in Hunter River.”

(PEI Committee members Eliza MacLauchlan, Myrna Wicks, Jim Wicks, Rosalind Waters, Leo Cheverie, Ryan MacRae, Claire Byrne. Photo credits: Lou Richard)

(Lou Richard enjoying the trail chosen by the PEI committee for the 2021 Bluenose marathon)

In Halifax, the team also celebrated their victories together with a meal after the 10-kilometre effort. Over the years that BTS has held this fundraiser, fierce fundraising competition has arisen between Kathryn Anderson and Janette Fecteau. At stake every year is the BTS fundraising trophy which was captured during the last event by Janette. This year, the trophy will be begrudgingly transferred to Kathryn for her efforts this year! A big congratulations and heartfelt thank you to all members of the team! 

(Paul Martin, Anne MacDonald Martin, Kathryn Anderson, Susanne Litke, Wilf Bean, Yvette Michaud, Marla LeBlanc, Janette Fecteau, Troy Deware, Melanie Deware, and Yves LeBlanc)

Lastly, thank you to all the donors and supporters of the BTS Bluenose Marathon team. Your contributions and words of encouragement have been the necessary inspiration and motivation as we persevere collaborating in solidarity alongside our partners. Thank you!