May 11, 2024

Buenas tardes desde Guatemala!

I am one week into the delegation and I struggle to find words to describe how great the people are here and how absolutely gorgeous this country is!

I am feeling grateful beyond measure to have been included in this amazing adventure.

Today our group traveled 3.5 hours from Guatemala City to San Lucas Tolimán with our wonderful driver Martin! We pass the time, chatting, exchanging jokes, reading and listening to music. It’s a highlight when Martin turns our little white van into a gas station, This group loves trying all the different snacks and cold drinks!!

Upon arrival in San Lucas Toliman we checked in to the Pavarotti school, where we will be staying for the next 4 nights. The wonderful chef provides us with a delicious steak lunch, a group favorite so far! We have eaten so many delicious meals.

Long time BTS friend Yamina Morales met us after lunch to take us for a walk to her home. Yamina and her daughters have been providing handmade crafts to BTS for some time now. If you have been to a BTS AGM you have seen their work available for purchase at the Tatamagouche Center.
We arrived at Yamina’s home and were welcomed with open arms by her family and 2 adorable puppies! We had the pleasure of watching her weave, a very time consuming, tedious process that Yamina has been doing for over half her life! Her work is absolutely gorgeous. She had a number of her wares displayed, and I bought a beautiful scarf and a purse. I’m happy to say our group bought every last item!

Yamina demonstrates her weavings and displays her woven art.

After the visit with Yamina and her family we did a little exploring in the town. Some played basketball with locals and other did some shopping and enjoyed a cold drink. We shared another great meal together and ended our night with a reflection.

These reflections have been an enjoyable and important ending to each day, giving each person space to share their thoughts and reflect on the day.

I look forward to visiting partners in the coming days. Taking in all I learn, to share with friends, family and colleagues when I return to Canada.

This will be an experience I hold in my heart and memories for many years to come.

Mucho amor,

Jennifer LeBlanc