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Accompaniment and Cooperant Program

Since 1990, Breaking the Silence has engaged Maritimers and people across Canada in solidarity work through on-the-ground accompaniment of our partners in Guatemala. Ranging from short and long-term internships, cooperant placements, delegations, and in-country presence of BTS staff, our solidarity efforts support the work of partners in Guatemala while increasing the capacity of Maritimers to become more conscientious and active organizers for social justice at home and abroad.

For several years after the end of our internship programs in 2013, our in-person support to partners in Guatemala took the form of in-country staffing and short-term delegations. In 2019, at the request of our partners, BTS recognized that a fundamental aspect of our solidarity needed to include a significant presence of Canadians in Guatemala. As a response, we launched a two-year pilot cooperant program to bring 6-8 highly qualified individuals from across the Maritimes region to Guatemala for short and long-term human rights and community development placements. Under the coordination of a full-time Lead Cooperant, the program brought three cooperants to Guatemala to support our partners’ work on truth, justice, and impunity, defense of territory, and human security, including mining justice.

In 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, BTS was forced to end its cooperant placements in Guatemala and shifted gears to strengthening virtual solidarity and accompaniment efforts. As we navigate the uncertainties presented by this context, we continue to centre the needs of partners as a guiding compass in our work and look forward to resuming our Cooperant Program in Guatemala in 2022-2023 with applications for training opening in February 2022.

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Report-backs from previous accompaniers and cooperants

Popular education, social history: among the keys to defending Maya land

Third in a series by Jim HodgsonRead the second post here Many supporters of Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking The Silence Network (BTS) and other solidarity groups across Canada know Leocadio Juracán and the organization he has been part of since 1989: the Comité Campesino del Altiplano – CCDA (Highlands Committee of Small [...]

Where development and genocide go hand in bloody hand

Seven lay catechists and three priests murdered four decades ago in Quiché were beatified by the Roman Catholic Church on April 21, 2021. Among them was Fr. Juan Alonso (right), a Spanish missionary priest who served the parish in Lancetillo. Second in a series by Jim Hodgson Read [...]

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International Women’s Day 2022

(In the Plaza de Niñas, families of the victims and survivors of the Hogar Virgen de la Asunción fire place flowers in the cardinal directions in preparation for a ceremony on the morning of International Women’s Day. Credits: Laura Robinson) Around the world, March 8th, 2022, International Women’s Day, [...]

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Commemoration of the Xococ Massacre

By: Laura Robinson (BTS Cooperant) On February 13th, I accompanied the Rabinal Legal Clinic and The New Hope Foundation School to what had been used as a clandestine cemetery in Xococ, a town outside of Rabinal. It was the 38th anniversary of the Xococ massacre during which the Guatemalan army [...]

Cooperant Updates & Reflections from Laura Robinson

  Laura Robinson is a BTS Cooperant based in Rabinal. She's doing work with the Rabinal Legal Clinic and the New Hope Foundation. I arrived in Rabinal seemingly at one of the busiest times of year as the annual fair was beginning. Everyday the streets filled with more and more [...]

Exciting cooperant program updates!

January 2020 is off to a great start with the beginning of Laura Robinson’s Community Development Cooperant placement at both the Rabinal Legal Clinic and the New Hope Foundation in Rabinal.  Over the next six months, Laura will support the Legal Clinic in the areas of research, communications and fundraising [...]

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