The Mesoamerican Permaculture Institute Presents the Biodiversity and Ancestral Knowledge Law

IMAP joins with organizations representing Indigenous Peoples from across Guatemala to present the Biodiversity and Ancestral Knowledge Law before Congress in the National Capital Photo Credits: Imap Guatemala Originally Written by the Mesoamerican Permaculture Institute Translated by Martha Schmitz Organizations representing Indigenous peoples in Guatemala will present the [...]

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Meeting with IMAP & CCDA, March 2022

Last week we visited Lake Atitlan and two of BTS’s partners, the Mesoamerican Institute for Permaculture (IMAP) and the Highland Small Farmers Committee (CCDA). During the visit, we had the chance to sit, connect over cups of Cafe Justicia, and discuss recent success and challenges with both IMAP and [...]

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7to Premio Topacio Reynoso Pacheco 2022

Topacio fue una joven artista, activista y líder en su comunidad de Mataquescuintla, Jalapa.  Tocaba la guitarra, cantaba, escribía y recitaba poemas, dibujaba, pintaba, era hija, hermana, amiga, y alzaba la voz para defender a su comunidad contra la explotación minera. Como muchas otras personas en Guatemala, Topacio [...]

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NEWS RELEASE from the CNCA: Bills Introduced to Protect People and the Planet Warrant All-Party Support

For Immediate Release: March 29, 2022 Bills Introduced to Protect People and the Planet Warrant All-Party Support Human Rights and the Environment should be Non-Partisan Issues Two private Members’ bills introduced in the House of Commons today would, if passed, help protect people and the planet. These bills deserve all-party [...]

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Mining Resistance: Forms, Functions and Futures

  During this interactive webinar, we collectively reflected on the various forms mining resistance can take, how mining resistance functions in both Guatemala and in Canada, and our futures within mining resistance work. This webinar consisted of 4 guest speakers who gave updates on current mining resistance efforts [...]

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