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Defense of Territory

We support the rights of Indigenous people in regards to access to land and determination over their territories including Free, Prior, and Informed Consent.  Our efforts focus on supporting communities defending their territories, natural resources and livelihoods in the face of mining and other extractivist industries.  We echo our Guatemalan partners who see the defense of ancestral and Indigenous language, culture, historic memory, as well as individual and collective bodies as an important continuation of the defense of territory.    

Some subthemes in this area include support of communities impacted by Canadian mining companies and other extractive industries; food sovereignty; land access; and support for criminalized land defenders.

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Recipients of the 6th Annual Topacio Reynoso Pacheco Award

We are very excited to announce the recipients of the 6th annual Topacio Reynoso Pacheco Award!  Since 2016, this award has recognized and supported the efforts of youth groups in Guatemala who engage in creative resistance to defend their territory by inspiring youth to organize and use art for the [...]

ALERT: Reactivation of Mining Exploration in Eastern Guatemala

For almost two decades, mining companies have been holding on to mining concessions in eastern Guatemala, manipulating administrative and legal processes in their favor. In the context of rising prices for precious metals in 2021, one project is activating mining activities without meeting legal requirements or obtaining clear approval [...]

Consultation Process for the Escobal Mine Advances after Multi-Year Delay

Photo taken during the pre-consultation phase meetings for the Escobal Mine (Photo credit: Xinka Parliament) Written by: Maria Reyes and Indigo Christ After multiple delays, the first meeting of the pre-consultation process for the Escobal mine was held at the Xinka Parliament’s offices in Cuilapa, Santa Rosa, on [...]

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APG – GOPA Guatemala Briefing Note: May 2021

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[Direct Translation from Spanish, Original Below] Pre-consultation Process for the Mining Rights of the Escobal Mine Begins The office of the Xinka Parliament of Guatemala (PAPXIGUA), located in Cuilapa, Santa Rosa, was present at the first meeting of the pre-consultation phase for the Escobal mining law case, a milestone in [...]

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Community and environmental concerns not “pertinent” to Pan American Silver’s business

Vancouver-based mining company Pan American Silver held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 12th: the final shareholder meeting for retiring founder and Board Chair Ross Beaty. To shareholders attending online, Beaty narrated a glowing chronicle of Pan American Silver’s socially and environmentally responsible history in Latin America. Yet, when [...]

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