BTS 2019 Staffing Fund Campaign

It has been another year in which, thanks to your generous contributions, we have been able to continue to support our partners in Canada and Guatemala. We celebrate that BTS has completed three decades of solidarity with Guatemalan partners and friends, and we thank you for your involvement as a former Intern, human rights accompanier, delegation member, BTS Local Committee member, or valued friend of BTS.

The struggle for justice and community development continues, as does the repression of human rights, signalled by the recent election of another right-wing President, allied with the military and business elite. BTS is a significant and respected ally of our Guatemalan partners, and it is essential that the critical roles of the BTS Coordinators in the Maritimes and Guatemala are maintained.

Lisa Rankin, Guatemalan Coordinator, notes that BTS continues to work in supporting the 36 Achi women, in their case of sexual violence committed during the internal armed conflict. Lisa notes that “BTS has worked for years to strengthen the relationship with these women and accompaniment organizations, to ensure the women do not feel alone in the struggle for justice despite the lack of will by the Guatemalan judicial system to recognize these atrocities.”

And we have seen results from our work as well. Lisa notes, “In June, Pan American Silver accepted responsibility for the shooting of four men by Escobal mine security back in 2013. This is a first in Canadian history, and it helped to highlight the resilience of the communities in Santa Rosa and Jalapa to the world”. Lisa has been working with these men for seven years, providing support and accompaniment, thanks to your continued financial support.

These examples show that our donations can help communities receive the support and justice they deserve, and that our help and solidarity is still very much needed. But this simply cannot happen without each of you! Please consider donating for the first time or increasing your pledge.

In order to reach the BTS 2020 Staffing Fund budget goal of $115,000, we need $20,000 in individual donations, through one-time donations and increases in monthly pledges. Quite simply, we will not meet our goal without your support.

Your donation, however big or small, will help the BTS network to respond to urgent human rights and community development challenges alongside our Guatemalan partners. Your gift will help to ensure that our work – firmly grounded in principles of solidarity and social justice – will continue.

In solidarity,
The BTS Fundraising Committee: Indigo Christ, Janelle Frail, Kathryn Anderson, Marie Claire Brisbois, Marla LeBlanc, Moira Peters, Sarah Wilbur, Tessa Wheaton

Curious about how your donation helps?
  • $10 /month allows our Coordinators to attend press conferences, marches and human rights trials in Guatemala City
  • $25/month enables BTS Coordinators to organize Guatemala-Canada encounters
  • $50/month allows the support and deepening of relationships with partners through actions

  • Online donations can be made here:
    Please write: “BTS Staffing Campaign” in the comments section of the donation page.
  • You can also use the donation form below. Donations must be dated no later than December 31st in order to receive a charitable tax receipt for 2019.

If you do not feel comfortable mailing the donation form, please call 1-800-218-2220 with your credit card information stating that you are pledging to the BTS Staffing Fund.

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