Drink responsibly and buy BTS fair trade coffee!

Since 2002, Breaking the Silence and the CCDA (Highlands’ Committee of Peasant Farmers) have partnered with Just Us! to sell our brand of fairly trade organic coffee.

Why buy Breaking the Silence coffee? Breaking the Silence coffee is an expression of a strong relationship between BTS supporters and the CCDA (Highlands’ Committee of Small Scale Farmers), with the support of Just Us! This relationship has developed especially through the work of BTS Interns who worked with the CCDA, and by BTS delegation visits, along with ongoing connections with BTS Coordinators. Buying Breaking the Silence coffee enables small coffee producers to receive a fairer price for their organic coffee production. Equally importantly, it supports the CCDA’s courageous work across Guatemala on land reform, labour rights and economic justice. What’s more, Just Us! will donate $.20 per pound of Breaking the Silence coffee sold to support our work. Just Us! has been donating annually to the BTS fundraising campaign for many years, and we greatly appreciate this added generosity. Read an important update about Breaking the Silence coffee for 2017-2018 here.

Ways you can support the sales of Breaking the Silence coffee:

1. Purchase bags at a Just Us! Fair Trade Coffeehouse in Wolfville, Grand Pre, Halifax (Spring Garden Road) or Dartmouth (King’s Wharf).

2. Purchase bags at your local Sobey’s, Foodland or Atlantic Coop (now owned by Sobey’s). Just Us! hopes to carry the Breaking the Silence brand in Sobey’s/Foodland/Atlantic Coop stores in the Maritimes in the coming months. In the meantime, please ask the Orders Manager in your local store to order Breaking the Silence coffee directly from Just Us! We did that in Tatamagouche with no problem, and the Coop in Inverness has had it on the shelves for years. Sobey’s in Ontario has agreed to carry Breaking the Silence coffee in all its stores. If you are in Ontario and do not see Breaking the Silence coffee in your Sobey’s store, please ask the Orders Manager to order it. Please note: You need to be very clear that it is the Breaking the Silence brand.

3. Become wholesale purchasers of Breaking the Silence coffee. BTS supporters, including individuals, church, union and community groups, can become wholesale purchasers, registered with Just Us! You can purchase Breaking the Silence coffee at the wholesale price for serving at events and/or sell it at the retail price to raise money for the BTS Staffing Fund, or for community or church projects. When you purchase $200 or more of Just Us! products, shipping the next day is free. When you sell BTS coffee at the wholesale price and then sell it as a fundraiser, we ask that you sell it at or close to the retail rate.

Special thanks to BTS supporters who: are long-term wholesale purchasers of Breaking the Silence coffee; have arranged for churches to purchase and serve/sell BTS coffee; and those of you or serve Breaking the Silence coffee on special occasions!