BTS Blog- Day 10 (Eoin)

For the second day we were able to experience the luxury at the Pavorotti Education Centre in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala. This allowed the delegation time to pause, reflect and prepare before our visit to the Canadian Embassy in Guatemala City tomorrow morning. For me, this time allowed me an [...]

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BTS Delegation Blog- Day 9 (Marg)

After a peaceful night's sleep at the Pavorotti School, established by Rigoberta Menchu in the late 90's we were served breakfast on the patio, in bright sunshine overlooking beautiful Lake Atitlan. Our morning started with an exercise placing ourselves in a Guatemalan family atmosphere. After dividing into four families, we [...]

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BTS Delegation Blog- Day 8 (Greta)

CCDA- Comite Campesino Del Altiplano- Highland Committee of Small Farmers About 9 am we left Guatemala City driving indirectly for 3 hours to the area of Solola, near Lake Atitlan. Enroute whole fresh coconuts were purchased for about 70 cents each, the milk being sipped through a straw. First stop: small [...]

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BTS Delegation Blog- Day 7 (Yvette)

Today we visited communities in the department of Santa Rosa. On the road there, we were delayed by a "landslide" which had occurred the night before. Typical Guatemala experience! We were welcomed in Jumaytepeque by a large group, mainly of men, small farmers from 3-4 small communities in Santa Rosa [...]

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BTS Delegation Blog- Day 6 (Tessa)

The day started a little later than the last few mornings. We enjoyed a nice breakfast that Jackie and Lisa brought to CSJ. After breakfast we met with Luis Solano, an investigative journalist who was written about mining and oil/gas exploration in Guatemala. I think we could have easily spent [...]

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BTS Delegation Blog- Day 4 (Doug)

On Thursday, we visited the Foundation of New Hope school on the outskirts of Rabinal. It represents one of the few examples of an educational institution that tries to reflect an alternative path to development based on the needs of the poor and primarily indigenous families who represent the survivors [...]

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BTS Delegation Blog- Day 3 (Mary)

En route to Rabinal. Drove north, then east, then west and north again through acres of green landscape and vegetation which went from relatively lush vegetation to increasingly more grassland/shrub, then trees. View from the road en route to Rabinal. Just outside Rabinal at Qatchuu Aloom (Mother Earth) [...]

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