BTS 2019 Year in Review

Last year, was filled with many memorable moments, including the launch of the BTS Cooperant Program, speaking tours with Gloria Reyes of the Rabinal Legal Clinic and Mayra Jimenez of Ocho Tijax, the "Land Rights are Human Rights" delegation and so much more! Read all about it in our BTS [...]

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BTS Delegation to Guatemala – Day 11

November 20, 2019 By Laura Robinson Today we met with the Canadian Embassy in Guatemala with the goal of sharing the stories we had been trusted with during this delegation. After leaving Antigua yesterday, we spent the evening preparing questions in order to ask how the Canadian government was handling [...]

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BTS Delegation to Guatemala – Day 9

November 18, 2019 By Somadina Muojeke Learning about the Rio Negro massacre which was linked to a hydroelectric project, exploring resistance coffee farms and honouring activist Topacio Reynoso, spending time with communities facing evictions by large plantation owners and communities demanding the right to free, prior and informed consent who [...]

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BTS Delegation to Guatemala – Day 5

November 14, 2019 By: Laura Robinson October 12th, 2019 marked 527 years since the discovery of America, however, this year also marked 527 years of Indigenous resistance. Resistance which the Committee of Small Highland Farmers (CCDA) engages in wholeheartedly.  The CCDA engages in the struggle for the protection of land, [...]

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BTS Delegation to Guatemala – Day 3

November 12, 2019 By: Andrea Currie Once again, we awakened to a lovely day in this beautiful country that evokes such a mix of powerful feelings.  We are absorbing as best we can, the stories our partners here are telling us about the horrific trauma of massacres, sexual violence and [...]

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BTS Delegation to Guatemala – Day 2

November 11, 2019 by Lydia Jenkinson We gathered this morning at 6am in the courtyard of our Rabinal hotel. Our water bottles were filled and we all had shoes on suitable for hiking. We knew our itinerary for this day was filled with meaning-filled things but I don't believe we [...]

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