The Media Coop: Canadian Aid, Honduran Oil Ottawa funds set to encourage oil investment Canadian Aid, Honduran Oil Ottawa funds set to encourage oil investment by SANDRA CUFFE Canadian funds are laying the groundwork for controversial oil activity. ILLUSTRATION: Daniel Rotsztain. LA CEIBA, HONDURAS—Oil extraction may be on the horizon in Honduras, and Canadian aid is helping set the stage. The Canadian Department [...]

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PBI Report on Honduras Elections

PBI Honduras: 2013 report "Honduras, new perspective on Human Rights? The defence of Human Rights and the 2013 Election". It is available in English and Spanish at the following link: Thanks in advance for circulating the report widely.

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Behind the Lies About Venezuela’s Protests

Behind the Lies About Venezuela’s Protests by GARRY LEECH US Secretary of State John Kerry recently called on the Venezuelan government to end the “terror campaign against its own citizens.” Kerry’s words are just the latest in US and mainstream media efforts to portray the month-long protests in Venezuela as [...]

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APG Open Letter: Canada Must Call for Dialogue Amid Unrest in Venezuela

The Honourable John Baird Minister of Foreign Affairs Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A March 17, 2014 Dear Minister Baird, The Americas' Policy Group (APG), composed of faith-based groups, development NGO's, trade unions, and solidarity organizations, is a working group of the [...]

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Unasur ‘democratic clause’ comes into force after ratification by Uruguay and Colombia

Unasur 'democratic clause' comes into force after ratification by Uruguay and Colombia Mercopress. March 21, 2014 Any country that suffers an interruption to its democratic order will be automatically excluded from Unasur (Union of South American Nations), the bloc announced this week, after its "democratic clause" came into force and [...]

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Canada-Honduras FTA will deepen conflict

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - 13 February 2014 Pour lire le communiqué de presse, cliquez ici Canada-Honduras FTA will deepen conflict Civil society organizations from Canada and Quebec are concerned that the Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement (FTA) currently being debated in the House of Commons will further undermine human rights and [...]

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ARSN Updates: Articles and Sign On Letters January 2014

Atlantic Region Solidarity Network ARSN updates for January 2014 – sign on letters and articles of interest Canada: Guile, Ambiguity and the Cult of Mediocrity (McLeod Group): Canadian Council for International Cooperation: Act Now: Protect vital, life-saving aid programs Petition: Commercial motives driving Canada’s foreign aid, documents reveal [...]

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