BTS Delegation to Guatemala – Day 8

November 17, 2019 By Ahmed Nassrat “My beautiful piece of peace Mataquesquintla will continue to flower when no hero who defends the earth has to die.” Topacio Reynoso It was quite touching to show up at the mural to find a group of youth working to refresh the mural which [...]

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Building schools with cups of joe: Fiorito

National Coordinator of the CCDA, Leocadio Juracan, in Ottawa. First published in the Toronto Star: Building schools with cups of joe: Fiorito Two Guatemalan co-op workers came here to see what we are doing with the coffee they produce. By: Joe Fiorito Columnist, Published on Wed Jul [...]

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Leocadio Juracan in Elmsdale, NS!

Monday, June 23, 5pm at Cup of Soul Cafe, Elmsdale, NS Fair Trade Plus: Justice, Accountability and Coffee in Guatemala Come Hear Leocadio Juracan, National Coordinator of Guatemala’s Highland’s Committee of Small Farmers (CCDA), speak about the challenges and opportunities of fair trade. Read Leocadio's bio here. Check his itinerary [...]

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Leocadio Juracan in Hamilton!

"The Guatemalan economy is based on agriculture; those that produce it are rural indigenous campesinos... so, we produce the wealth, yet live in poverty, misery and hunger" - Leocadio Juracan. Hear what the CCDA is doing to combat this injustice and create long-term social change in rural Guatemala. Wednesday, June [...]

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Leocadio Juracan: BC Interior Tour 2014

Thanks to the amazing volunteers of BC CASA and Cafe Justicia, Leocadio will be traveling to meet some new and old friends in the BC Interior. Check out this amazing opportunity to hear about this long-term solidarity relationship between the West Coast and the CCDA! Read Leocadio's bio here. Check [...]

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BTS Delegation Blog- Day 8 (Greta)

CCDA- Comite Campesino Del Altiplano- Highland Committee of Small Farmers About 9 am we left Guatemala City driving indirectly for 3 hours to the area of Solola, near Lake Atitlan. Enroute whole fresh coconuts were purchased for about 70 cents each, the milk being sipped through a straw. First stop: small [...]

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