Meeting with IMAP & CCDA, March 2022

Last week we visited Lake Atitlan and two of BTS’s partners, the Mesoamerican Institute for Permaculture (IMAP) and the Highland Small Farmers Committee (CCDA). During the visit, we had the chance to sit, connect over cups of Cafe Justicia, and discuss recent success and challenges with both IMAP and [...]

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Solidarity Through Coffee

Solidarity Through Coffee On December 6th, 2021, we held an online webinar focused on learning, interacting, and taking collective action. During this webinar facilitated by Keely Carter, we discussed how BTS coffee, produced in partnership with the Highland Committee of Small Farmers (CCDA) and JustUs! [...]

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Building schools with cups of joe: Fiorito

National Coordinator of the CCDA, Leocadio Juracan, in Ottawa. First published in the Toronto Star: Building schools with cups of joe: Fiorito Two Guatemalan co-op workers came here to see what we are doing with the coffee they produce. By: Joe Fiorito Columnist, Published on Wed Jul [...]

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Leocadio Juracan in Elmsdale, NS!

Monday, June 23, 5pm at Cup of Soul Cafe, Elmsdale, NS Fair Trade Plus: Justice, Accountability and Coffee in Guatemala Come Hear Leocadio Juracan, National Coordinator of Guatemala’s Highland’s Committee of Small Farmers (CCDA), speak about the challenges and opportunities of fair trade. Read Leocadio's bio here. Check his itinerary [...]

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Leocadio Juracan in Hamilton!

"The Guatemalan economy is based on agriculture; those that produce it are rural indigenous campesinos... so, we produce the wealth, yet live in poverty, misery and hunger" - Leocadio Juracan. Hear what the CCDA is doing to combat this injustice and create long-term social change in rural Guatemala. Wednesday, June [...]

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