Elections 2015: Where Colchester-Cumberland Candidates Stand on Mining Justice

Will You Make Canada Open for Justice? Full responses Central Nova, Cumberland-Colchester candidates If you are elected as the MP for your riding, will you work in Parliament to: ​Create an independent extractive-sector Ombudsperson in Canada, with the power to investigate complaints and make recommendations, including suspending or ending Canadian [...]

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Ask Your Candidates

In 2014, Breaking the Silence joined the Corporate Network on Corporate Accountability - CNCA. "The Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability (CNCA) brings together environmental and human rights NGOs, faith groups, labour unions, and research and solidarity groups across Canada who are advocating for federal legislation to establish mandatory corporate accountability [...]

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Show Canada is Open for Justice

from the Canadian Network for Corporate Accountability: We are pleased to announce the release of Show Canada is Open for justice,  short video now available on Youtube and the CNCA website. Everyone loves Canada? Don’t they? Please watch this professional, provocative and powerful video; and please share it!

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Open for Justice!

  Canada, as home to the majority of the world’s mining and mineral exploration companies, has a duty to be a leader in corporate accountability in the extractive sector. We can do this through creating An extractive-sector Ombudsman and Legislated access to Canadian courts for people who have been seriously [...]

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Guatemalans protest Canadian mines in their backyard

Republished from Embassy Magazine. November 13, 2013 GDressed proudly in their traditional colourful clothing, Angelica Choc and Maudilia Lopez Cardona travelled from their Guatemalan villages to Parliament Hill to draw attention to what they say is an inexcusable price paid by their communities to Canadian mining companies. For Sister Lopez, [...]

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