BTS Delegation to Guatemala – Day 8

November 17, 2019 By Ahmed Nassrat “My beautiful piece of peace Mataquesquintla will continue to flower when no hero who defends the earth has to die.” Topacio Reynoso It was quite touching to show up at the mural to find a group of youth working to refresh the mural which [...]

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Portraits of Resistance

Thanks to Projet Accompagnement Quebec Guatemala for these graphic Portraits of Resistance.   Pablo Mateo tells his story about the genocide in Huehuetenango and the struggle for justice for genocide in Guatemala and Canada; Nuria Cordon Guerra tells her story of resistance since the time of Guatemala's conflict to today's [...]

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BTS Delegation Blog- Day 8 (Greta)

CCDA- Comite Campesino Del Altiplano- Highland Committee of Small Farmers About 9 am we left Guatemala City driving indirectly for 3 hours to the area of Solola, near Lake Atitlan. Enroute whole fresh coconuts were purchased for about 70 cents each, the milk being sipped through a straw. First stop: small [...]

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Additional Links for E-bulletin April 8- April 26, 2013

Here is a collection of  some more links for some  of the topics we touched on in the e-bulletin! Genocide Cases Rios Montt Plaze Publica (in Spanish)   Mining Breaking News: Community Leader Daniel Pedro Mateo Kidnapped and Murdered in Guatemala After Kidnappings and Killings, Canadian Silver Mining Project Advances in Guatemala [...]

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