Febrero 2022: Actualización de COVID-19

Gráfico que muestra las vacunas disponibles y la tasa de vacunación en Guatemala, febrero de 2022 El COVID-19 ha generado un enorme impacto sanitario, social y económico, que se ha cobrado un número muy elevado de vidas humanas en los países de América Latina y el Caribe. En [...]

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February 2022: COVID-19 Update

A Guatemalan healthcare worker receives one of the donated vaccines. Photo Credit: Prensa Libre The COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous health, social and economic impact, claiming a very high number of lives in Latin American and Caribbean countries. In 2021, as the government's public health strategy shifted [...]

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BTS Resumes In-Person Visits: CCDA and IMAP

Meeting at the CCDA's office, holding publications of the CCDA's 2nd national agrarian congress. By: Lisa Rankin Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Lake Atitlan and visit BTS’s partners, the Highland Small Farmers Committee (CCDA) and the Mesoamerican Institute for Permaculture (IMAP). One of [...]

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COVID-19 and Consultation

Photos taken during the pre-consultation phase meetings for the Escobal Mine (Photo credit: Xinka Parliament) In Guatemala, the unfortunate social and economic effects of the spread of COVID-19 can be observed. Guatemala is currently situated 2nd amongst Central American countries based on biweekly confirmed COVID cases per million. [...]

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Guatemala Update: June 2021

Written by: Indigo Christ and Laura Robinson The Highlands Committee of Small Farmers (CCDA) protesting at the American Embassy in Guatemala during Vice President Kamala Harris's visit. Their signs read “Kamala They are lying to you! There is corruption, political prisoners, malnutrition, hate crimes, [...]

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