BTS 2019 Delegation to Guatemala- Day 1

November 10. 2019 It's a beautiful day in Guatemala! Many of us journeyed here from Eastern Canada, through an earlier-than-we'd like snowstorm.  The sun and blue skies that greeted us were a very welcome change! We all-with the exception of one group member, to join up with us a touch [...]

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“Your struggle inspires us,” write members of the BTS 2018 Delegation

Participants in the BTS 2018 delegation wrote a letter in solidarity for members of the Xinka and community resistance at Casillas and the Constitutional Court, who are peacefully protesting against Tahoe Resources' Escobal Mine. The delegation met some members of the resistance in front of the Constitutional Court on May 16th. [...]

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Day 8: Arriving in San Lucan Toliman

By Anissa Aldridge “How do I feed a family with 10 quetzales?” I asked a woman selling rice, beans and produce at the market in San Lucas Toliman. A smile lit up her face and with a twinkle in her eye she stood there with two of her small children [...]

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Day 7: A Day off in Antigua

by Maureen Larkin Today was our day off during the BTS delegation. We had a leisurely breakfast and set off shopping. Antigua is a drug for the addicted shopper. It's a tourist town: there are many beautiful sights to be seen and the streets are thronging with people and sellers. [...]

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Day 6: Meeting Lucy

By Sophie Lavoie Day six involved quite a few hours of travel from El Estor, up through Río Dulce (the portal from Lake Izabal to the Carribean), and back down to Antigua. Luckily, our travel day was interrupted by a visit to Lucy Granados, a woman who was deported back [...]

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Day 5: Visiting El Estor

By: Jen Wambolt Photo credit: Jenn Wambolt Our fifth day was a one of celebration and commemoration since it was Mother's day and German’s birthday. It was also the 40th day after the death of Hector, Angelica Choc’s nephew, which is the day of the soul’s ascension. As someone who [...]

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