100+ Organizations Demand Justice for Assassination of Xinka Leader Noé Gómez Barrera

More than a Hundred Organizations Demand Justice for Assassination of Xinka Leader Noé Gómez Barrera A sign commemorating Noé Gómez Barrera's life says, "Martyr of the social struggle: Human Rights Defender Noé Gómez Barrera. We will follow the example of his struggle." Following the murder of Xinka human [...]

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Violent Eviction of Xinka Community, Nueva Jerusalen

Nueva Jerusalen homes burned in violent eviction, photo credit: CCDA On the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples - Wednesday, August 9th - police and private security forces attacked the Xinka community of Nueva Jerusalen and ruthlessly burnt people's homes and possessions. Located in Escuintla, the sugar-cane [...]

Xinka Parliament Recognized with Prestigious Human Rights Award

The Xinka Parliament accepts the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation's Human Rights Award, photo credit: Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation On June 6, the Xinka Parliament was awarded the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation's annual Human Rights Award. The award honors human rights defenders who face oppression [...]

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Cooperant Update: As Seasons Change, the CCDA Builds Soil, Power, and Land Defense Cases

Members of the CCDA and BTS travel to Macho Creek to learn community members' ties to the land. Photo credit: Raphael Freston By: Raphael Freston, a cooperant with the Highlands Small Farmers Committee (CCDA) Shifting Seasons Come April, fireflies flit through San Lucas Tolimán at dawn. Community members [...]

Transforming Pain Into Hope: Human Rights Defenders in the Americas

By Amnesty International http://www.amnesty.ca/sites/default/files/2012-12-07transformingpainintohope.pdf Human rights defenders play a fundamental role in helping to create a world where the promise of human rights becomes a reality for all. Drawing on decades of work with defenders in the Americas region – Central, North and South America and the Caribbean – this [...]

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Strengthening the “Instancia”

BTS signs on to a letter directed to the President of Guatemala, with copies sent appropriate ministries and governmental institutions, whereby the international community expresses its concern over the increase of attacks against human rights defenders - particularly among which those who work in favour of indigenous rights and a healthy environment. [...]

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