The recipients of the 2020 Topacio Award are… Each year the Topacio Reynoso Pacheco Award recognizes and supports youth fighting to protect the environment and their territories through the use of art and other creative forms of resistance.  This year, we received applications from 8 departments across Guatemala reflecting the struggles youth face as a result of [...]

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El Grupo Seleccionado para el Premio Topacio en 2020 es… Cada año el Premio Topacio Reynoso Pacheco reconoce y apoya a jóvenes que luchan por proteger el medio ambiente y sus territorios mediante el uso del arte y otras formas creativas de resistencia.  Este año, recibimos solicitudes de 8 departamentos de toda Guatemala que reflejan las luchas que la [...]

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The Life & Legacy of Topacio

On August 13th, the Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network will be announcing the winner of the 5th annual Topacio Reynoso Pacheco Award. This award is coordinated by the network and awarded through the collaboration of five other civil society groups across Canada. The award was created to honor the memory [...]

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Topacio fue una joven artista, activista y líder en su comunidad de Mataquescuintla, Jalapa.  Tocaba la guitarra, cantaba, escribía y recitaba poemas, dibujaba, pintaba, era hija, hermana, amiga, y alzaba la voz para defender a su comunidad contra la explotación minera. Como muchas otras personas en Guatemala, Topacio fue víctima [...]

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BTS Delegation to Guatemala – Day 9

November 18, 2019 By Somadina Muojeke Learning about the Rio Negro massacre which was linked to a hydroelectric project, exploring resistance coffee farms and honouring activist Topacio Reynoso, spending time with communities facing evictions by large plantation owners and communities demanding the right to free, prior and informed consent who [...]

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BTS Delegation to Guatemala – Day 8

November 17, 2019 By Ahmed Nassrat “My beautiful piece of peace Mataquesquintla will continue to flower when no hero who defends the earth has to die.” Topacio Reynoso It was quite touching to show up at the mural to find a group of youth working to refresh the mural which [...]

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Festivales Solidarios: Winners of the 2019 Topacio Reynoso Pacheco Youth Award!

We are excited to announce the 2019 winner of the Topacio Reynoso Pacheco Youth Award is Festivales Solidarios (or Solidarity Festivals), a group of Indigenous and Meztizo youth who use art and social media in resistance to defend territory, historical memory and raise awareness of political prisoners in Guatemala. The group began its work in [...]

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Canadian Government Reneges on Promise to Create Independent Human Rights Watchdog for Corporations Operating Abroad

For Immediate Release Canadian Government Reneges on Promise to Create Independent Human Rights Watchdog for Corporations Operating Abroad Ottawa, ON / Tatamagouche, NS / Guatemala City (April 8, 2019) - The Government of Canada failed today to appoint an independent Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise (CORE) with real powers to investigate [...]

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