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Truth, Justice, and Impunity

We support Guatemalan partners’ quest for justice and an end to impunity for crimes against humanity committed and crimes of genocide during internal armed conflict. We also support their efforts to challenge the entrenchment of abuse, corruption and human rights violations in Guatemalan society. We see gender justice as an intrinsic aspect in this work. Our efforts focus on amplifying the voice of our partners and providing mechanisms of support in relation to cases of transitional justice, as well as  criminalization and imprisonment of land and human rights defenders. 

Some subthemes in this area include support for victims and survivors of crimes of genocide and crimes of humanity during the Internal Armed Conflict, in particular the Achí genocide; crimes committed by the state, such as the fire at the Hogar Virgin de Asunsion; and continued pressure of Guatemalan and international authorities for stronger instutituons and an end to impunity.

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