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Truth, Justice, and Impunity

We support Guatemalan partners’ quest for justice and an end to impunity for crimes against humanity committed and crimes of genocide during internal armed conflict. We also support their efforts to challenge the entrenchment of abuse, corruption and human rights violations in Guatemalan society. We see gender justice as an intrinsic aspect in this work. Our efforts focus on amplifying the voice of our partners and providing mechanisms of support in relation to cases of transitional justice, as well as  criminalization and imprisonment of land and human rights defenders. 

Some subthemes in this area include support for victims and survivors of crimes of genocide and crimes of humanity during the Internal Armed Conflict, in particular the Achí genocide; crimes committed by the state, such as the fire at the Hogar Virgin de Asunsion; and continued pressure of Guatemalan and international authorities for stronger instutituons and an end to impunity.

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Military Diary Case – Special Bulletin 23

Download the Bulletin in English (full text below): Descargar el Bulletin en Español: Téléchargez le Bulletin en français: MILITARY DIARY CASE: SPECIAL BULLETIN No. 23 FROM SEPTEMBER 14 TO 21, 2021 Preliminary hearings / Gustavo Adolfo Oliva Blanco and Víctor Augusto Vásquez Echeverría [...]

Maya Achi Case Update: 2nd Fugitive from Justice Brought to Trial

By: Laura Robinson On May 16th, 2021, the ex-civil patroller Gabriel Cuxum Alvarado was located and arrested by the Guatemalan Attorney General in Zone 18 of Guatemala City. Gabriel Cuxum Alvarado has been a fugitive from justice in connection to Maya Achi Sexual Violence Case since 2018. He is also [...]

Justice for the 36 Maya Achi Women: 4 Ex-Patrulleros will face trial in 2022

On March 24th, 2021, the Rabinal Legal Clinic successfully appealed the decision made by now recused judge, Claudette Dominguez, on June 21st, 2019 in the case of the 36 Maya Achi women for sexual violence committed during the Guatemalan Internal Armed Conflict. Judge Claudette Dominguez was recused from the case [...]

Weaving Justice: Update on the case of the 36 Maya Achi women

By: Laura Robinson, BTS Research & Communications Assistant On October 7th, 2020, judge Miguel Ángel Gálvez of High-Risk Court B decided that Francisco Cuxúm Alvarado will face trial for crimes against humanity in the case brought forward by 36 Maya Achi women for sexual violence that occurred during the internal [...]

Justice for Tata (Elder) Domingo Choc Che

Todos Por Guatemala / All for Guatemala, the signatory organizations and individuals below, to the national and international community, condemn the brutal and senseless murder of Maya-Kek’chi spiritual guide, sage and defender of mother earth, Domingo Choc Che, which occurred in the village of Chimay, San Luis municipality, department of [...]

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Waiting for Justice: Timeline & Updates on 36 Achi Women Case

By: Laura Robinson (BTS Cooperant)  / Este Chep (Lead Cooperant) On January 31, Judge Manuel Angel Galvez gave the order of preventative jail for Francisco Cuxum Alvarado, one of the men who had been at large accused in the case of the 36 Maya Achi women. The judge also gave [...]

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